1) Confirm (daily) Relic Quest Mechanic — This shouldn’t take longer than 5’ to discuss

Currently, the plan is that in-game there will be some quests (tasks) that if completed, users will get rewarded with relics.

The debate was that at first, Chess Universe team wanted to do 14 “permanent” quests (meaning they are always visible and same context but increasing difficulty). For example: “Capture 3 pawns” — once completed —> “Capture 10 pawns”

We had some concerns with the limitations, the UI, and the engagement, so they (Chess Universe) did a second feature, where there are 5 daily quests, and they are randomized from a list.

In this spreadsheet you can find the calculations for both “RELIC QUESTS (progressive)” (the “permanent” quests) and “RELIC QUESTS (Daily)” (the daily quests). I personally prefer the Daily quests because the UI looks better, the user does no need to scroll, they may get the chance to change quests daily if they get stuck, etc. Below you can find the screenshots of both for reference.



2) Final definitions of the use of Relics — This should be the focus of the call

Currently, the relics can only be earned by completing the quests and their uses are:

Because of the feedback received on Governance tokens, there were some talks that the only use of relics was to convert to Governance token ($CARU) and all the utility is moved to $CARU. This should be the biggest focus of the call. So come prepared.

Some background information:

  1. Play the game. They will know if you never played

  2. It’s a F2P game, and the web3 layer will appear on that one. So we need to be very careful on what’s shown in the app to avoid breaking Google and Apple policies.

  3. Their tech is limited, so they will push everything they can outside the game.

3) Governance utility — This should be the focus of the call

What was discussed so far: